Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Beer Goals 2019 - Result

My beer goals for 2019 were as follows (with inline comments):
  • Get from 176 to 185 Ratebeer countries   [Goal achieved 2019-03-13]
    • Helped as usual by some great trades, reached the goal and ended up on 189 countries. Also climbed from 14th to joint 11th place.
  • Get from 7 to 8 Canadian Provinces
    • Another fail on this goal...
  • Get last England County (Northumberland) again   [Goal achieved 2019-12-23]
    • Reached again via an online order, hopefully it lasts this time around!
  • Rate a top-50 beer from five of the last 12 styles   [Current status: 9 left]
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 10 beers from 3 to 0
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 15 beers from 14 to 8
    • Due to the addition of lots of  new RB styles, these all became impossible and I am now missing a lot of styles again.
  • Get from 1237 to 1350 breweries   [Current status: 1349]
    • Technically I didn't reach this goal as I am just on 1349. But I tried a new meadery, so I think I basically reached this goal anyway, on the last day of the year. 113 new breweries is less than last year, and I think next year will be even more difficult.
  • Get from 431 to 500 Swiss ratings   [Goal achieved 2019-10-11]
    • Ended the year on 521 Swiss ratings. 
  • Get from 148 to 180 Swiss breweries   [Goal achieved 2019-11-08]
    • Ended the year on 184 Swiss breweries, but this is getting harder and harder.
Some other minor country related goals:
  • Increase countries with 100+ ratings from 6 to 8   [Goal achieved 2019-12-21]
  • Increase countries with 10+ ratings from 29 to 32   [Current status: 31]
  • Increase countries with 5+ ratings from 43 to 46   [Current status: 44]
  • Increase countries with 2+ ratings from 92 to 96   [Current status: 95]
Same as last year, I only managed one of the four "minor country related goals", but I got pretty close on the other ones.

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