Sunday, 31 December 2017

Beer Goals 2017 - Result

My beer goals for 2017 were as follows (with inline comments):

  • Get from 153 to 164 Ratebeer countries   [Goal reached 2017-10-22]
    • Helped by trades as usual, I managed to get to 167 countries with one in the basement. Still not in the top-10 though, but in 16th place.
  • Get from 6 to 8 Canadian Provinces
    • Trade still not completed, hopefully will manage next year...
  • Get a top-50 beer rating from the last eight styles   [Current status: 11]
    • Went from eight to eleven as some dropped out or had the style changed. This one is more difficult than I thought...
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 5 beers from 5 to 0   [Current status: 2]
    • Did pretty well, but still two left (Unblended and Faro) at four.
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 10 beers from 10 to 5   [Goal reached 2017-09-29]
    • Managed to reach this goal, and got down to four. Happy with that.
  • Get from 664 to 1000 RB posts   [Goal reached 2017-04-13]
    • Managed to get to 1364 before they switched to the new forums. On the new forums I reached 134 replies and 4 topics created, so pretty active year.
  • Get from 905 to 1000 breweries   [Goal reached 2017-07-14]
    • Crushed this one and ended up with 1084 breweries.
  • Get from 288 to 320 Swiss ratings   [Goal reached 2017-07-21]
    • This one ended up being quite easy, and ended up with 345 Swiss ratings
  • Get from 78 to 100 Swiss breweries   [Goal reached 2017-07-22]
    • Took a bit of a hunt, but ended up with 109 Swiss breweries.

Some other minor country related goals:
  • Increase countries with 50+ ratings from 9 to 10   [Goal reached 2017-03-24]
  • Increase countries with 10+ ratings from 23 to 30   [Current status: 28]
  • Increase countries with 5+ ratings from 34 to 40   [Current status: 39]
  • Increase countries with 2+ ratings from 79 to 85   [Goal reached 2017-06-23]
The two X-or-less goals were not helped by the introduction of a new style, India Style Lager, in April 2017. I had only tried three of this new style, so had to get seven more of those as well.

I also managed two of the four "minor country related goals". It could have been three as I had enough Northern Ireland beers to get up to five, but then I got sick over Christmas. I am especially happy with getting 2+ countries from 79 to 90

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