Saturday, 31 December 2016

Beer Goals 2016 - Result

My beer goals for 2016 were as follows:
  • Get from 140 to 156 Ratebeer countries     [Current status: 153]
  • Get from 45 to 48 US States     [Goal reached 2016-07-02]
  • Get from 4 to 6 Canadian Provinces     [Goal reached 2016-11-09]
  • Get a top-50 beer rating from the last eight styles     [Current status: 8 left]
  • Rate 7 beers from the 300-book (238->245)
  • Rate 8 beers from the 100-book (64->72)     [Current status: 69]
  • Rate 25 beers from the 300M-book (100->125)     [Current status: 104]
  • Reduce styles I have tried only 1 beer from 3 to 0     [Current status: 2 left]
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 5 beers from 10 to 5     [Goal reached 2016-11-08]
  • Reduce styles I have tried less than 10 beers from 19 to 12     [Goal reached 2016-11-09]
I managed to reach four of the ten goals. I managed to reach not just 48 US States, but to complete all of them after a fantastic trade with RobertDale during the summer. In September as part of a trip to US, I managed to get two new Canadian provinces after a trade with jtclockwork. I also managed to complete my 5-of-style and 10-of-style goals after some purchases from Total Wine.

All three goals related to the books I failed on, but then I decided to not prioritise these goals either in the end. I did pretty well on the country goal, but only managed to get 13 instead of 16. I also just manage to get hold of one of the three I was missing for the 2-of-style goal. And related to the Top-50 Style rating goal, even if I managed to tick a few, some of the ones I had already done fell out of the Top 50 so I still have eight left...

Next, let's try to find some 2017 goals!

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