Thursday, 31 December 2015

Beer Goals 2015 - Result

My beer goals for 2015 were as follows:
  • Get from 121 to 140 Ratebeer countries     [Goal reached 2015-12-19]
  • Get from 35 to 43 US States     [Goal reached 2015-09-16]
  • Get from 4 to 7 Canadian Provinces
  • Get last four English Counties     [Goal reached 2015-01-18]
  • Get last style (Sahti)     [Goal reached 2015-03-13]
  • Get a top-50 beer rating from the last eight styles     [Current status: 8 left]
  • Rate 11 beers from the 300-book (232->243)     [Current status: 238]
  • Rate 12 beers from the 100-book (58->70)     [Current status: 64]
  • Rate 34 beers from the 300M-book (66->100)     [Goal reached 2015-12-24]
I managed to reach five of the nine goals. The last four English Counties were completed early in the year after an order from Beers Of Europe and the last style I managed to get hold of via a trade with someone from Finland. Some US online orders helped me reach the US States goal in September, and I eventually managed to reach 45. Near the end of the year I managed to reach (exactly) 140 countries and also exactly 100 beers from the 300M book.

I failed to progress on the Canadian Provinces, not sure how to get hold of more of them. The Top-50 Style beer rating goal became even more difficult as they changed the way this was calculated, and I am still missing eight styles... I managed to get approximately halfway on the 100-book (6/12) and 300-book (6/11) goals, but not good enough, unfortunately.

Bring on 2016!

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