Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Beer Goals 2014 - Result

My beer goals for 2014 were as follows:
  • Get from 92 to 100 Ratebeer countries      [Goal reached 2014-10-28]
  • Get from 22 to 32 US states      [Goal reached 2014-10-26]
  • Get from 2 to 6 Canadian provinces      [Current status: 4]
  • Get last eight English counties      [Current status: four left]
  • Get last four German Bundesländer      [Goal reached 2014-12-25]
  • Get last two styles      [Current status: one left]
On the positive side I managed to get from 92 to 121 countries, from 22 to 35 US states and I rated the last four German Bundesländer. So three out of six goals reached.

On the flip side, I only managed to rate two new Canadian provinces, four of the remaining English counties and one of the missing styles. I will try harder in 2015 to reach these goals :-).

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