Saturday, 7 June 2008

Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Maierbock Ale)

I went to Utobeer in Borough Market today, and bought a few 300/500 beers! As this bottle expired in February I thought I'd better drink it today. This one is by the way currently called Dead Guy Ale, but was called Maierbock Ale in the 500-book. It is slightly stronger than the 6.0% listed in the 500-book.
  • Name: Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Maierbock Ale), 6.3%, United States
  • Appearance: Dark orangy-red brown. Little bit of head.
  • Aroma: Not much, actually. Bit of fruit and malt.
  • Taste: Sweet and some bitterness. Earthy aftertaste.
  • Bought: Utobeer, 650 ml, £4.70*
  • Overall score: 3/6
  • Info: 7/6-2008, 193/500
* Too expensive, and the other bottles I bought from the shop were quite expensive as well...

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