Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Moorhouse's Pendle Witches Brew

Finally another beer from the 300-book. The previous one was 111 days ago, which means that if I'm not able to speed up I will finish the 300-project in 2046. Wow.
  • Name: Moorhouse's Pendle Witches Brew, 5.1%, England
  • Appearance: Orangy brown. Little head. Hazy.
  • Aroma: Hops and malt. Pear?
  • Taste: Again, hops and malt. Bitter aftertaste. Standard stuff.
  • Bought: Beers of Europe, 500 ml, £1.95
  • Overall score: 3/6
  • Info: 9/6-2008, 175/300

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