Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Finally catching up with PC

After having a pint of Adnams Broadside and a pint of Everards Sunchaser in The Gun (a very nice pub) with work-related people, I finally managed to catch up with PC over a few drinks at home.

Starting off with a nice bottle of Chimay Bleue and finishing off with a big bottle of Meantime London Porter, the highlight was what we had in-between; the Westvleteren Abt (12).

The only reason I bought an extra bottle last year was so I could share it with PC. He really likes Belgian beers and he is also partly responsible for my near-obsession with beers. Having waited over a year to share the bottle with him and having stored the bottle in a cupboard; I was worried it might have gone off. The aroma and taste was as nice - or nicer - than I remember it from last August. PC really enjoyed it, and he now also rates it as one of the best beers he has ever tasted. At $16 for a 330 ml bottle it is quite expensive, but I think it is definitely worth splashing out on special occasions.


Unknown said...

Thanks Az. It was an outstanding beer, one that clothed is relatively high alcohol content in a well-integrated caramel and honey-tinged finish. Perfect level of effervescence for my taste, too. One of the best.

Az said...

Indeed one of the best, or the best according to my own Top 10 list. We have to start planning our Trappist-trip to Belgium and Netherlands now ;-).